Math Expedition for families

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Math Expedition offers a subscription tailored for families. This solution, which has already been chosen by over 9,000 teachers from the French National Education system, is now available for your child.

It is a non-binding subscription which can be canceled at any time with just three clicks from the “My Account” page.

Key Features:

Math Expedition supports your child closely, catering to their needs, as they explore the world of mathematics, thanks to its adaptive learning technology. This helps the child gain confidence in their abilities and enthusiastically and independently delve into the realms of math and science.

  • Customized adventure pathways.
  • Unlimited access to all activities.
  • Educational and entertaining videos.
  • Remediation and rewards.
  • Player statistics.
  • Three modes of answer recognition: voice, hand writing, and keyboard.
  • Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones.